Frequently Answered Questions

Submit the Talon New Account Form_V3 to the Sales Manager or email: to set up your account

Email the Talon_OrderForm and TA-014D Chain of Custody Form_V4 to  1-2 business days ahead of sample delivery.

Example of a sample order form can be found here: Talon_OrderForm_EXAMPLE

We’re open for sample deliveries 9 AM- 5 PM Monday-Friday

We accept ACH or cash. Reach out to our Sales Manager at for our ACH payment details if completing payment with this method.

COA’s are sent via email once finalized. Reports will be accessed via Confident Cannabis in April 2023.

Compliance Sample – cannabis product that has been processed and is in its final packaging as intended for sale.

Process Sample –  cannabis product that is drawn from the process line at any stage of production prior to final packaging.

Research and Development – sample of any product or intermediary not intended for final sale

Lot testing applies to individual lots with unique SKU numbers.  Prior approval for lot testing is not required by OCM.

  • Cannabis Line Testing is designed to expedite the path of compliant adult-use cannabis products navigating through OCM’s mandatory laboratory testing protocols.
  • As of 3/8/2023 line testing is no longer permitted on flower or pre-roll products. Flower and pre-roll products must be tested at the lot level, and potency testing is now required.

  • Line testing allows for processors of adult-use cannabis products to:

1). Bundle multiple lots of final adult-use cannabis products into a line for contaminant testing, with the ability to retest at the individual lot level if there is a failure;

2.) Help expedite the testing process to be able to sell products that pass line testing to Conditional Adult-Use Retail Dispensaries (CAURD).

  • Preapproval from the Office of Cannabis Management is required in advance of sample submission
  • All lots must be extracted within 30 days of each other.
  • Lines can only consist of one product type (gummies, tablets, tinctures, etc.)

In the instance that a line fails for any contaminant panels, the individual lots from the line will then be required to be tested independently from one another to identify what lots the contamination originated from. Any passing lots from the line will be allowed to become saleable.

There are no limits on the size or quantity of lots or batches within a cannabis line that a licensee can submit for Line Testing. However, Line Testing requires prior approval by the Office of Cannabis Management (OCM).

Lines can only consist of one product type (gummies, tablets, tinctures, etc.)

For Final Cannabis Product Batch and Pre-Roll Sampling:


Cannabis Product or Pre- roll Batch Size (units)

Number of Sample Increments (per sample)
                  ≤ 50– 500                       5
                  501 – 1,200                       8
                 1,201 – 3,200                       13
                3,201 – 10,000                       20
               10,001 – 35,000                       32
              35,001 – 150,000                       50

Chart found in the Sampling Quality System Standards guidance, dated 08-19-2022

Link to guidance:

Complete the preapproval and submit to: 

Link to Pre-Approval Request: ocm-pre-approval-submission-for-au-cannabis-line-testing-by-a-cannabis-lab

Once approved, sample delivery can be scheduled.