Compliance / R&D Testing Distinctions & Requirements

Submitting a Sample for Analysis:

Note: Please send your sample order form ahead of delivery/mailing of samples to the laboratory 

Submit your sample order form documents (below) to:

  1. Talon_RFA8.0
  2. TA-014D Fillable Talon Chain of Custody Form
  3. au-cannabis-transportation-manifest

New Clients: Complete your new account setup: New Client Set-up Form

Please Note: Cannabis samples must be delivered or transported directly to the lab and can not be shipped/mailed. Sampling firm availability will be confirmed at the time of order submission.

Cannabinoid Hemp samples can be shipped via USPS mail.

Sample Order Form Example: Talon_RFA8.0_Example
Sample Requirements: TA-014F Sample Requirements_AU

Final Product Compliance Testing- Schedule sampling and pick up from your facility to the laboratory.

Effective July 1, 2023, the Office of Cannabis Management requires the use of cannabis sampling firms to collect random cannabis samples for testing from registered organizations, cultivators, processors, cooperatives, microbusinesses, and all other license types. All licenses must utilize an approved cannabis sampling firm for the sampling and transportation of their final cannabis product samples for laboratory testing. Our team will connect you to our preferred sampling firm at the time of sample order form submission via email.

Compliance/Final Product Testing:

The samples collected from a batch/lot must be placed in the final packaging before they can be sent to the laboratory for testing. This can be done at the time of sample collection.

Acceptable final packaging, for testing purposes, is the layer of packaging in which the product comes in contact.

Examples: • Sealed Vaporization Cartridge /disposable pen • Gummies in mylar bags • Whole Flower in jars • Pre-rolls in tubes • Bottles of tincture

Final packaging, for testing purposes, does not require complete regulatory labeling, but at a minimum must include the product name and form, specific unique lot number, net contents, and target potencies.

Note: Due to the low volume of sample material in some products, the lab may require additional samples to be submitted to perform the requested testing. Please work with the sampling firm and laboratory to ensure an appropriate amount of material is sent to complete full panel testing requests.

NY Office of Cannabis Management- Cannabis Sampling Quality System Standard, updated May 2023

R&D/ A la carte testing:

R&D samples can be delivered by the licensee to the laboratory. Please note- results from these samples cannot be used for compliance testing purposes. An approved third-party sampling firm must be used for sampling of compliance testing requests.

Preparing your sample for lab submission:

1. Please wear gloves to prevent touching your sample with bare hands.

2. Carefully weigh your sample using a scale to make sure you have the minimum weight required for testing. All minimum weights are listed below.

3. Place the sample inside an airtight container.

4. Label your sample with the lot/batch ID # to identify it from other samples.

Minimum sample material needed per panel/sample type:

*For foreign matter testing, 30% of the sample received will be inspected. If you are sending a product for Filth & Foreign Material analysis only, please provide at least 3 grams of sample.

**If submitting samples for potency-only testing, please include 2 extra grams of flower for moisture content analysis so that cannabinoids can be reported on a dry weight basis. If not enough samples are provided, the results will be reported on an as-is basis.

***For concentrates & extracts, if products are solely in a cartridge or disposable pen, the lab may request more sample material to ensure we are able to recover enough material to complete all testing. Submitting a bulk tube with a few filled cartridges for metals testing is preferred.