How to Submit a Sample for Analysis

1. First Step/New Clients: Complete the new account form and submit it

Talon New Account Form_V3

2. To initiate testing request submit your sample order form, transportation manifest, and chain of custody documents to:

TA-014D Chain of Custody Form_V4
TA-014F Sample Requirements_AU

Cannabis samples must be delivered or transported directly to the lab and can not be shipped/mailed.

*Line Testing Requests-Gain Pre-Approval from the Office of Cannabis Management & Email this to the lab ahead of sample delivery


Adult-Use Compliance Testing:

Review NYCLA (New York Cannabis Lab Association) Sample Classification and Processing Guidelines:

NYCLA Compliance Testing Guidelines

Review the Office of Cannabis Management’s Line Testing Guidance, updated March 8, 2023:


Review the Office of Cannabis Management’s updated guidance and changes to Total Yeast and Mold Count and Total Viable Aerobic Bacteria Count for NY Adult-Use Testing.

Conditional Cultivators and Licensee Guidance on TYMC and TABC_11-01-2022